alexander von hagke bioThe new CD "Delikatessen" with the ensemble Passo Avanti is the latest release of clarinetist and saxophonist Alexander von Hagke. Passo Avanti offers a unique and refreshing mixture of classical music and jazz, flavored with a number of other musical ingredients. By combining the intimacy of chamber music with elements of improvisation, classical music is simultaneously taken back to its roots and one step forward at the same time, producing smooth transitions with subtle hues and wide arches bridging musical styles.
The Munich based musician von Hagke is at home in various musical styles. He tours the world with high-calibre jazz ensembles (e.g. Panzerballett), performs New Music at renowned festivals and plays occasionally in world class symphony orchestras (e.g. Munich Radio or Munich Philharmonic Orchestra).

Under his own name, Alexander released "Fusion Nouvelle" (2012/esc records) and "Loreley" (2011/enja). Especially as a member of the fast-and-furious heavy-metal jazz band Panzerballett, Alexander has become known to an international fan base.

Alexander studied at the New York City College and the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich. His teachers include Rich Perry, John Ruocco, Leszek Zadlo, and Ivan Mähr. He also holds a university degree in Mathematics.
Alexander received many awards and scholarships for his playing, e.g. the Cultural State Award of Bavaria and "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes" (German national merit foundation).


Alexander von Hagke plays

  • soprano saxophone
  • alto saxophone
  • tenor saxophone
  • baritone saxophone
  • clarinet
  • bass clarinet
  • flute
  • piccolo flute

Alexander von Hagke plays P. Mauriat saxophones, F. Arthur Uebel clarinets and Vandoren reeds exclusively.

New CD

  • cd-delikatessen

    Passo Avanti

Discography (selection):

  • Fusion Nouvelle

    Alexander von Hagke
    "Fusion Nouvelle"

  • Loreley

    Alexander von Hagke

  • wolfram-schmitz-quartettnew-year

    Wolfram Schmitz Quartett
    "New Year"

  • cover hart genossen

    „Hart Genossen"

  • coverstarkestcke

    „Starke Stücke"

  • coverbujazzo

    "On Tour"

  • coversidewinders

    The Sidewinders
    „Die Bestie"

  • hermanntitjenswing


  • songsfromslovenia

    Aleksandra Tehovnik
    "Songs from Slovenia"

  • firstaid

    Tobi Hofmann
    "first aid - Jazz Standards"

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Our new CD

cd-delikatessen  DELIKATESSEN



16. August 2014
Potsdamer Schlössernacht (mit Passo Avanti), Berlin

30. August 2014
Wachenheimer Serenadenkonzert (mit Passo Avanti), Wachenheim



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