"Unlike anything before- Alexander von Hagke goes new ways with Passo Avanti. Other than the many shallow crossover projects which simply produce classical melodies with underlying jazz rhythms, Alexander von Hagke wants to fruitfully combine the advantages of both sides: The beauty of classical tone with jazz' freedom of time and harmony“ (Sueddeutsche Zeitung)

"Bach would have loved Passo Avanti, we are quite sure of that“ (BR Klassik Bavarian public classical radio)

"These boys have developped their own musical language“ (Bavarian Television)

Our new CD „Delikatessen“ got some nice reviews- here are a few excerpts:

"The quartet Passo Avanti renegotiates the musical parameters of existing pieces- the outcome is an exciting mixture of classical music and jazz. The metamorphoses are humorous and brim with ideas. The joy of arranging and improvising is a main factor, and this infects the listeners too.“ (NDR- North German public radio)

"Listeners should not be repelled by the selection of favorable compositions- the arrangements for violin, cello, clarinet and electric guitar have a lot to offer. The great plus of this recording is the seriousness and the capabilities of the musicians in both classical and jazz styles. Here, the wellknown themes are not just played shortly and then deconstructed thereafter. The beauty of the originals always gets enough room.“ (Jazzthetik magazine)

"Successfull gourmet menu of classical music and jazz: All of the musicians are very capable in both styles. They interpret the famous compositions brilliantly, and with a feeling for sublte hues. The result is a sophisticated fabric made of the voice leading of the different instruments.“ (OVBBavarian daily newspaper)

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Our new CD

cd-delikatessen  DELIKATESSEN



16. August 2014
Potsdamer Schlössernacht (mit Passo Avanti), Berlin

30. August 2014
Wachenheimer Serenadenkonzert (mit Passo Avanti), Wachenheim



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